5 Easy Steps to Brew Stovetop Espresso

The whole reason we are here is to enjoy espresso at home.  Here is a quick 5 Step Process to enjoy espresso at home today:

Step 1

Fill the bottom reservoir of the moka pot with cold water.  Most moka pots have a fill line inside.  If your pot doesn’t have a line, fill the pot until the water level is just below the safety relief valve.  Make sure you don’t fill the bottom reservoir too high.  I always use filtered water, but plain tap water should affect the taste.

Step 2

Place the filter (middle part that the coffee will go into) onto the bottom reservoir.  Some people suggest filling the filter first, but that only opens the door for making a mess.

Step 3

Fill the filter section with freshly ground espresso.  Use a grind that is quite a bit finer than you’d use for regular coffee.  It needs to be fine enough for good extraction but not so fine that your finished espresso is gritty.  I would try a finer grind first and then adjust coarser or you risk making a weak brew.  Different stovetop espresso makers may require slightly different levels of ground espresso beans.  Wipe any stray grounds off the rim to be sure the gasket in the top will make a good seal.

**Note** Make sure you loosely spoon the espresso into the filter.  If you pack it down, the filter may get clogged and create too much pressure.  You want the filter full but the grounds loose.

Step 4

Screw the top reservoir onto the bottom.  Simple.  Check once more that there aren’t any grounds on the rim of the bottom.  Don’t use the handle to twist the top.  They tend to break pretty easily.

Step 5

Place the pot on the stove top with a medium flame.  Opinions differ on whether to use a Low, Medium or Medium-High flame.  A medium flame works best for me, but definitely experiment.

As the water heats up, it will be forced up through the espresso grounds in the middle filter and into the top reservoir.  After 5-6 minutes you will hear a “gurgling” sound.  (You’ll know it when you hear it)  That means there’s no more water left in the bottom reservoir and your espresso is ready to enjoy!

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