Two Ways to Make Your Stovetop Espresso Even Better

A stovetop espresso maker will pump out some strong flavor. Usually, I’m a fan of drinking my espresso as-is. Most people I meet prefer adding a little sweetness. Here are two ways to add a little extra to your stovetop espresso – one traditional method, and a not so traditional method.

Italian caffè

Traditional Italian caffè involves mixing a little bit of sugar with your espresso before serving.

You’ll need:

  • Sugar
  • Container for mixing and serving
  • Spoon
  • Small Whisk (a spoon or fork will work too)

In the mixing container, add half a teaspoon to a full teaspoon per cup of espresso. When espresso starts peculating, remove the moka pot from the heat and pour a little bit of this fresh espresso into the mixing container. Add just enough espresso to dissolve the espresso into a thick consistency. Put the moka pot back on the stove to finish brewing.
When your espresso is done brewing, pour about a third of the espresso into the mixing container. Using your whisk, aerate the mixture for 30 seconds or so. After mixing, you should have a nice thick foam. Add in the rest of the espresso and give it one more quick mix. Pour and Enjoy your Italian caffè.

Mocha Coffee

A less than traditional way to add some flavor to your espresso is to add a little bit of cocoa. Some people use cocoa powder. I prefer adding shaved cocoa or Ghirardelli Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix. Don’t confuse this with a Cafe Mocha that you might get at Starbucks or other coffee shop.

I make a mocha coffee similarly to the Italian caffè, but much easier. I add about half a teaspoon of cocoa powder per cup to my mixing container. In this situation, you can let the espresso finish brewing. When your stove top espresso is fully brewed, pour about half of the espresso into your mixing container. Whisk the cocoa into the espresso. This time, the goal isn’t to create a foam but to melt and emulsify the cocoa into the espresso. Once the shaved cocoa is completely incorporated, add the rest of your espresso. Again, a quick mix then enjoy the chocolaty goodness.

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