Videos – How to Use Your Stovetop Espresso Maker… and how not to.

Quick Update today…

Found this video the is a good example of how to use your stovetop espresso maker.  The video shows you exactly how to do it.  Making espresso at home really is not all that difficult, just takes a little bit of a learning curve to learn the technique.

The last minute or so of the video shows you how to clean the moka pot.  I don’t use any soap when washing my moka pot either.  Once, my girlfriend didn’t know any better.  She washed the pot in soapy water.  Took me a week to get that soapy taste finally out of there.

The video shows them dumping the used coffee grounds into the sink.  Don’t do that!  You probably will not have any trouble but there is a chance that the oils in the coffee can cause lasting issues to your drain pipes, creating clogs.  Some people don’t think so.  Better safe then sorry.  Dump the used espresso coffee into the garbage and rinse any leftover grounds with water.

Here’s the video:

One more video.  While digging around on YouTube, I stumbled across a video that should be called “How not to use a stovetop espresso maker.”

The person in the video pours far too much water into the bottom reservoir of the moka pot.  As you can see in the video, you also want to leave that lid closed until the espresso is done brewing.  I’ve made that mistake before.

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