Welcome to The Stove Top Espresso Maker

A little background

I started out drinking coffee in college out of necessity to help wake up early or stay up late studying.  Back then, I never did enjoy the taste much and was a “extra cream, extra sugar” kind of person.  After college, I was hooked – making at least 5-6 trips to Starbucks each week, sometimes more.  It started to get really expensive and I knew I needed to find another way to get my fix.

At first I looked into getting an Espresso Machine but the cost was far too high.  I searched on Google and stumbled across stove top espresso makers.  I learned that making espresso on your stovetop is very popular in some European countries, but not so much in the US.  I made some phone calls and found a store locally that carried a Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Maker.  I am not a person to look at directions and my first few attempts were disastrous – burnt espresso, gritty, bitter… just blah.

That’s where this blog comes in

I am going to use this blog to provide tips on how to brew.  From the first time you buy espresso beans to your first sip, I hope help you get started using a stove top espresso maker to brew a tasty espresso without having to shell out $3+ for a cup.  I have owned a bunch of stovetop espresso makers.  Expect some reviews on different models and what I like/dislike about each.   My obsession has progressed.  I eventually made the investment and bought an espresso machine.  I still bring out the stove top espresso maker when I have company and need to make a bunch of drinks.

Stay tuned for posts on everything espresso.  Thanks for visiting!

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